Multani mitti is usually known for its use in beauty and skin care remedies. First & foremost HerbtoniQ multani mitti face packs to reduce oiliness and lend a healthy glow to the skin, this naturally occurring form of clay has numerous other uses for skin and hair.

Multani mitti or Fuller’s Earth

Multani mittialso generally well-known as Fuller’s Earth, is clay that has many benefits for skin and hair. Its absorbent properties allow it to soak-up oil naturally while it also conditions your scalp. Its rasping properties exfoliate, which may help take away lifeless skin and flakes.

Skin Care

The wonderful thing about Multani Mitti is that it can be combined with other ingredients to make it suitable for special skin types and to treat various skin troubles. It has natural lime which kills the unsafe bacteria and cleanses the skin deeply.

Hair Care

Mainly hair packs and shampoos are used as cleansers. Multani mitti is a very gentle cleanser that not only purifies the scalp of germs & bacteria, but also guards the scalp. The gentleness of fuller’s earth makes sure you maintain the skin on your scalp instead of damaging it like some chemical products do. The natural resources in this product ensure your scalp & hair is not just clean but also hydrated and healthy.

Absorbs Surplus Oil

HerbtoniQ Multani mitti works wonders for oily skin. Oily skin simply attracts grime and other impurities from surrounding. These particles choke the skin pores and may cause pimples and acne on face. It absorbs surplus oil from the skin surface and makes it supple and soft. It avoids the occurrence of pimples caused due to excess oil emission.
Going out in the ruthless and terrible sun can be difficult for many of us, especially when it sucks out the glow from your skin. Taking extra safety measures other than using SPF cream and covering your face can come in handy at this time. If you want to bring back your lost glow naturally, include HerbtoniQ multani mitti in your routine DIY skin care remedies.
Acne & pimples troubles can be calmed by applying Multani mitti on face. You can apply it for some time and then wash it off. If you have scars, you can add lemon juice to this paste. Applying it for twice a week will have noticeable effects on your face.
Owing to its suitability as a cleanser, HerbtoniQ Multani Mitti Powder helps in getting rid of harmful toxins from your hair and scalp. It also helps fight bad hair color.


                                                              Some Recommendation to make a DIY Home remedy for face mask/pack

Face packs for Glow Mix all the ingredients(Multani Mitti + Besan + raw milk) and make a paste, apply on face and wash it off after 10 mins.
Multani Mitti for Wrinkles Apply this paste on face and wash after 10 minutes. Avoid being under fan or AC or cooler during this time. Wash before it dries up. (1 crushed egg + 1 Tbsp curd + Multani mitti fullers)
Multani Mitti for Dry Skin The hydrating properties of honey along with the benefits of Multani Mitti for dry skin will moisturize the skin leaving it soft. Honey is excellent humectants, which seals the moisture in and gives your skin all that it needs. If you have dry Skin, use Multani Mitti with safety measure. If any oiling agent is not mixed (Vitamin e oil, olive oil, almond oil, glycerine or honey) it might leave your skin even dryer.
Multani & Oatmeal Body Scrub This is an awfully effortless body scrub that you can arrange at home with just a couple of ingredients. All you need is a cup of each of Multani mitti and powdered oatmeal. You can test with the ingredients and add neem powder, orange peel powder, or a teaspoon of wild turmeric powder to this scrub. Add water to make a smooth paste and use it to scrub your body while bathing.

                                                               Some Recommendation to make a DIY Home remedy for hair mask/pack

For Hair ConditioningGet ultra-smooth, silky hair with this DIY HerbtoniQ Multani mitti hair pack. To enhance the benefits of this ingredient, Sesame oil is applied to the hair before application. It penetrates deep into the roots of your hair and boosts its health. The mask also coats the strands with a particular shielding layer to reduce heat and environmental damage. INGREDIENTS: – (Multani Mitti + Lemon Juice). Apply the paste for at least 20 – 30 min. Wash off your hair with lukewarm water.
For Dry & Damaged HairCoconut oil is loaded with protein, essential fats, iron, and manganese, which helps fix dry and damaged hair. Curry leaves, on the other hand, are rich sources of beta-carotene and protein, which encourage healthy hair progress. (5 Tbsp of coconut Oil + 1-2 Tbsp of multani mitti + 2 Tbsp curry leave powder + Water). Mix all the ingredients and make a smooth paste. Apply this paste liberally onto your hair and scalp. Let it dry for around 20-30 minutes then wash it off.
For Oily Hair with DandruffMix 2 tablespoons Multani Mitti with one teaspoon methi (fenugreek) seed powder and 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar into a paste. Apply on the hair. Wash off after 20 minutes.
Hair Pack for Straight HairGet naturally straight hair without the use of any chemical. This hair mask can fulfill your dreams of getting silky, straight hair using all-natural ingredients. It works by deep conditioning your strands and upgrading the damaged surface of your hair. INGREDIENTS: – (Multani mitti + Rice flour + Egg white 1 + Water). Apply the paste for at least 30 min. Shampoo and condition the hair after washing the pack off.